Custom Pins Outputs


Custom Pin 35 Output


This pin controls the vent solenoid on the 98/99 cars. The 91-97 cars do not have this so this pin is basically free to be used for something more interesting.

When you enable this system in Periphery 1, pin 35 will be energized when all 4 of these conditions are met. The ECU sends out a 12v 3amp signal so your options for this are within the limits of your imagination. It can be used to trigger a relay to activate a meth injection pump, boost a pump, warning buzzer…. Anything you can think of!

Custom Pin 48 Output

Pin 48 is the Fuel Pressure solenoid on the Flash ECU. Another useless system everyone eliminates…

To make this system a little different than pin 35, I’ve coded a maximum value into the fold. This will only trigger the pin within a certain range when enabled in periphery 1. Like say you have an OBD1 car and would like to keep your purge system. All you have to do is switch the purge solenoid wire to pin 48 and it will function like stock. The default values I coded into this setup are for the OBD1 purge system so there’s no fear of sending positive pressure into your charcoal canister.

Both of these custom outputs will revert back to stock 99 code when the periphery is switched OFF

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