Denis has the absolute best write up I’ve seen about the EGR. Here’s a link:

Not going to get into too much detail on this as most people just eliminate this system anyway.

Note: if you feel the need to disable the code (thus disable the pin) use the switch in this section, not in periphery 0.


The solenoid that operates the EGR is a duty cycle based setup just like the boost controller. Likewise it has a coolant temp interpolation.

The last table is just an EGR offset to verify the valve is still functioning. If you decide to keep the EGR and run the EVOX map sensor, this table must be updated with the EVOX values:

750 84
1000 84
1250 73
1500 65
1750 60
2000 55
2500 48
3000 43
3500 23

This thread is now outdated but I’m linking it for the discussion on the EVO sensor. You do not need to perform any of the other ROM changes noted.

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