Launch Control

Launch Control

While this feature is nothing like what you find in modern cars with an accelerator pedal assist, it does incorporate a static rev limiter, spark retard and fuel enrichment all which are driven simply off the TPS and the speedometer. No extra inputs are required.

This function will only work if Enabled in Periphery 1 (Chrome Mods). Quite simply, the ECU will use a lower revlimiter while the speed is less than 6mph and you’re holding the throttle greater than 80%. All 3 of these parameters can be edited of course.

Antilag and AFR enrichment

While Launch Control is engaged, the ECU will also retard the ignition advance as far back as possible and enrichen the fuel mixture to as heavy of an air fuel ratio as possible to without drowning out the spark plugs and killing the motor. Just a static rev limiter itself isn’t able to build as much boost without these two aids.

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